Image ID:29495
Common Name:Oceanic salp
Scientific Name:Salpa?
Description:This close up of a large salp oozooid shows the gut (yellow due to being filled with phytoplankton). The long chain of ‘machine gun ammunition’ is composed of blastozooids, each of which will bud off to become new free-living blastozooids. These in turn give rise to oozooids. This life cycle is known as ‘alternation of generations’ and allows oceanic salps to have very sudden population explosions.
Location:Tropical Pacific, open ocean, epipelagic
Keywords:Oceanic salp, Salpa, epipelagic, Chordata, Urochordata, Thaliacea, Salpida, Salpidae, transpatent, blue, jelly, plankton, oozooids, blastozooids, yellow